Are you planning your summer motorhome adventures? Don’t overlook the importance of motorhome security in today’s rising theft landscape. Traditional security measures like wheel clamps and tracking systems may fall short in deterring thieves. At SVDetailing, we prioritise the safety of your motorhome and offer a range of advanced security solutions, including Bear Locks, designed to protect your cherished home on wheels.

Secure Your Motorhome Adventures with Confidence, fit a bear lock system to your home on wheels today

Comprehensive Security Solutions: At SVDetailing, we understand the increasing threat of motorhome theft. Our range of motorhome security products is specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection for your valuable asset. From Bear Locks to other advanced anti-theft devices, we offer solutions that go beyond traditional measures.

Bear Locks: One of our flagship products is the Bear Lock, a theft device that offers superior protection for your motorhome. Designed to lock your gears in reverse, making your vehicle unable to drive. Bear Locks are highly effective in deterring thieves and reducing the risk of theft. Invest in a Bear Lock to add an extra layer of security to your motorhome.


Prioritise the security of your motorhome and safeguard your adventures. Contact SVDetailing today to explore our range of motorhome security solutions, including Bear Locks. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the right security measures to protect your home on wheels. Enjoy worry-free travels knowing that your motorhome is protected against theft